Dana Helmuth is an internationally renowned Maryland and NYC based Tattoo Artist, who began his passion of Japanese traditional art and tattooing at a young age, and then further pursued this passion with intensive study and training at The Maryland Institute College of Art, where he received a BFA in 1993.  

Never to stay idle, Helmuth continued his training and study of art with extensive world travel and study abroad, eventually starting his Tattoo career in 1998. Helmuth has won countless awards and accolades, and his work has been published in over one hundred magazines. He has showcased his work in both solo and group shows in Tokyo, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, London, Paris, and Kathmandu to name a few . His commitment and dedication to his passionate art form is second to none.

Helmuth resides in Maryland, working from his private studio, and also continues to work regularly in NYC, as well as doing regular guest artist residencies around the world.